Real-estate technical and digital Iot services

Building contract services and expert services as well as the latest Iot solutions in our own cloud computing platforms

We use sensors and cloud computing for finding every energy conserving measure and combine them into economically viable retrofitting plan.

Buildings normal maintenance personnel are suitable for installing and programming sensors as it doesn’t require any special skills.

With sensors installed it is possible to monitor energy consumption and usage of individual spaces, also including air quality monitoring.

Energy audition mobile application.

Cloud calculation of all possible saving options.

Multi objective calculation for best combination of savings.

For end users

  • Fresh and healthy working
  • Increased effectiveness at work or study
  • Possibility for easy individual settings (optional)
  • Possibility to set own goals on energy use with tenant portal (optional)

For building owners

  • Maximize the effective use of different spaces
  • Lower the costs of energy and maintenance
  • Control energy usage by hourly prices
  • Run smart software with data analytics

For energy companies or HVAC contractor

  • Ability to control load in buildings (Demand response)
  • Better predictions of loads with building analytics
  • Energy inspections made easy
  • Indoor conditions as a service

CleanVisio provides total solution for energy monitoring accuracy of single device level.

Indoor climate monitoring, °C,RH,CO2,VOC

Energy modeling, automatic calculation of energy wastage.


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